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There is often room for more; in my case, more is often more music, more chocolate, more time with my family, more time alone; yes, more is part of what I have come to call the Unsaturated Life.

Tonight I listened to wondrous music; sultry vocals with wicked tunes, great lyrics and killer harmonizing; Madison Violet  passed through our small town of DTTPK (DownTown Takoma Park, MD).  They captivated local listeners with their alluring vocals and the clear chemistry of their sound. They made sweet music for those in attendance thanks to the under estimated Institute of Musical Traditions.

In a pure twist of fate last Saturday night I hopped into my car and turned on the radio; there playing right into the mellow mood I longed to attain ( following a competitive night of Win, Loose or Draw &  a few glasses of St. Supéry) came this tune.  I was as much enraptured by the sound as I was by the fact that this swanky tune had captured my Reggae following, Soca wining, Classic Soul and Samba loving ear’s rapt attention.  I immediately conducted a lyric search; pinpointed the tune, artists and downloaded the album to my smartest phone.

I became, thanks to the age of information, an instant fan. Tonight, just 5 days after learning of MDV I attended their local concert  purchasing an album for my Folk loving folks and for my sister in love  and her and Instrument making BF.

Tonight I toast my half full mug of enjoyable RB brew and say in the famous words of Oliver Twist, “Please, sir, I want some more.” 

All around!


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